Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Apparel by Terry Kennedy

Too Live 08 Wallet

Too Live Gold Cap

TK Lettered


TK Leatherman

designed by Terry Kennedy

Kr3w NS


Kr3w - Terry Kennedy

Terry Kennedy

Supra, KR3W, Baker Skateboards, Venture Trucks.
Life Skills
Skateboarder, Actor, Rap Artist
It took Terry Kennedy about thirty seconds to get good at skateboarding, two months to get sponsored, and only three years to go pro. How? Well, growing up in the streets of Long Beach and skating with pros from Baker skateboards definitely helped, but let’s face it—TK’s got what they call raw talent. And when you combine that talent with TK’s “Hustle Or Die” attitude you better look out. Cause next thing you know Terry’s popping up on your TV, acting on the big screen, releasing records, and still killing shit on his board because once he starts he ain’t gonna stop—TK ALL DAY!

It’s official. Terry Kennedy has left Ice Cream Footwear to become a member of Supra’s skate team. Although a few weeks ago, there were already rumours that he’d be leaving after he uploaded an image on his MySpace wearing a pair of Supras, news has now come straight from the horse’s mouth.