Wednesday, August 26, 2009

few words about myself :)

Hello :D first i want to say - thank you for checkin' my blog and leavin' comments (it's hard, i know, when i see Supra sneakers, it's hard not only to write, but to breath, lol))
i decide to write about myself after msg from Johnny (Supratalk)

Hey ,
I saw your picture on here where you are rocking
Comakazi's! Just read your comment about your blog, i've actually been following your blog for ages haha. I have it bookmarked, check it regularly to see if there is anything interesting about Supra happening in Russia ( I'm assuming you're from there ). Anyway that's pretty crazy, thought it was a guy's blog haha.

yeap, i'm a girl :) and yes i'm from Russia

feel free to add me somewhere like myspace -
& (i don't use it, but)) hahaa)

thanx again! check my blog, i'll keep posting pics and stuff from Supra and Kr3w!